For RC Toulon, Azéma and Clermont’s reuniting has not been without tension.

This is the beginning of Franck Azéma’s second season as head coach of RC Toulon. Panoramic

The Various will compete against the Auvergnats in Mayol after the third day of the Top 14 tournament on Sunday at 9:05 p.m. The RCT became involved in the battle that had been going on in the background between the ASM and its former manager.

A stunning victory for Mayol on the third and last day of the Top 14 A “Classic” matchup in the final between Toulon and Clermont, two teams whose recent histories have been filled with many exciting moments. Except for the fact that both clubs have recently lost some of their sparkles and do not consistently play the leading roles anymore. Both of the clubs are anticipated to be present at the turn, having racked up a win and a loss respectively.

However, behind the scenes of this shocking development at the very top, the subject of why Franck Azéma left his position exactly one year ago continues to fuel the discussions. The departure of the previous technician at the head of ASM from the Rade in the fall of last year (with whom he raised the shield of Brennus in 2017) has not yet been fully processed. The Auvergne club has not yet dropped its demand to the industrial tribunal that he pay 800,000 euros to compensate for the “harm sustained.” Azéma had not agreed to sign the termination enforced by Clermont when he departed Auvergne. Clermont had done so in the process of notifying a unilateral termination of CDD, alleging serious misconduct as the reason for the termination. The court proceeding for this matter is scheduled to take place in 2023.

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During that particular period, Franck Azéma, who was contractually obligated to play for Clermont until June 2023, provided the following explanation in the columns of The Team: “I showed up when training resumed in July with an usher. Attempts to let me in were unsuccessful. Even though it’s not something I particularly enjoy doing, I had no choice but to cover myself. It has become a matter of ego, and that’s where I don’t understand the president’s and Mr. Loignon’s (the administrative director’s) attitude! I believe that ASM is on a far higher level than that.”

As a result of the RCT’s defeat in a friendly encounter against the Jaunards earlier this summer, Azéma will view this rematch with Clermont as an opportunity to exact some measure of retribution (21-40). “The involvement that we have put up to this point, it is good,” Franck Azéma had then launched to his teammates at that time. Now that we have reached this point, the next goal is to take it a level higher and perfect all of the details. That means that nobody is going to bow their heads! Is it any good? We are going to change gears and go on to something else right away. Every point will be important in the last struggle for a place in the Top 14 as time is running short.


I don’t remember my good memories of Clermont.

Franck Azema

The Various have a problem because they were defeated by Stade Toulousain (28-8) the previous weekend. They need to get their revenge. Franck Azéma, who is now connected with Pierre Mignoni (another former member of the Clermont house! ), made the following scathing observation: “We spent twenty minutes watching them play.” We were non-existent. The Toulon coach bemoaned the fact that they were able to capitalize on our losses of too many balloons. As a first step, we produce a frustrating copy. Because we have never been able to be effective on simple things, Toulouse has consistently been able to dominate us. A turnaround is anticipated.

Franck Azéma asserts that he has moved on despite the disagreements that he had with the club where he had spent the previous ten years of his career. He revealed this to Olympic noon and said, “It usually resonates with things we’ve been through, but we’ve moved on.” This week, I have not been thinking about the happy times I had at Clermont. Instead, I have been focusing on getting ready for this big match, which will be played against a very talented team. That’s much more powerful than I can perceive.” Nevertheless, evidence suggests he is still thinking about the extracurricular activity in question.

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