Former Puerto Rican boxer ‘Juanma’ López, released after paying bail

Former Puerto Rican boxing world champion Juan Manuel ‘Juanma’ López, on probation after posting the $ 35,000 bond imposed by Judge Jorge Díaz in relation to the seven charges of alleged mistreatment against his ex-partner Andrea Ojeda.

The magistrate lowered the bail from the $ 175,000 initially set for the former Puerto Rican world champion by the World Boxing Organization after being accused of an alleged case of gender abuse.

Rivera was released late Thursday night after depositing the $ 35,000 through a private guarantor, as he did not have the cash to meet that amount.

The former world champion in the junior featherweight and featherweight categories will remain under electronic shackle supervision of the Pretrial Services Program (PSAJ).

PSAJ officials went to the Bayamón Correctional Complex, a neighboring municipality to San Juan, where López had been incarcerated since last day 15, to put the electronic shackle on him and execute the release order.

López was arrested that same day after violating the conditions of the PSAJ bail by offering statements, the day before, on a television program in which he addressed his former partner directly.

The former boxer’s lawyer, Jaime Barceló, had requested that the bail be reduced to $ 10,500 due to the lack of resources of his client, but the judge finally set it at $ 35,000.

The violation occurred when López sent a message to Ojeda, through the television program “Día a Día” , in which she asked her followers to respect her and also say that she hoped to continue the relationship.

López had been warned that he was allowed not to post bail on the condition that he did not contact his ex-partner by any means.

Ojeda, on the 7th, used social networks to accuse the boxer of physical aggression, which was followed by a formal complaint.

The former Puerto Rican boxer was a professional between 2005 and 2019, when he was world champion by the World Boxing Organization in the junior featherweight and featherweight categories.

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