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Giroud’s goal sends France a message before the World Cup.

France team: scorer and precious in the game, Giroud sends a message before the World Cup
Why shouldn’t Didier Deschamps pick Olivier Giroud to play for France in the World Cup? CHRISTIAN HARTMANN / PANORAMIC


Didier Deschamps was presented with further reasons to consider the Milanese after their successful performance against Austria on Thursday evening. The Milanese are currently in a tight race for one of the 23 spots available for the World Cup (2-0).

“Didier Deschamps stated in a news conference before France’s match against Austria (2-0) in the League of Nations that Olivier Giroud does not need to convince him. And the trainer added, “He is aware of what my thoughts are.” I won’t change my mind about that “. What “DD” did not want to mention once again is that the second top scorer in the history of the Blues has a “status” That he deems incompatible with a job of lining at the World Cup. This is something that DD” did not want to repeat once again (November 20-December 18). “Olivier’s goal is the same as the others, which is to perform to the best of his ability. There is competition and a great deal of competitiveness, and there are going to be some decisions to be made. The former midfielder explained that he plans to rely on the package consisting of Kylian Mbappé, Antoine Griezmann, and Karim Benzema in the upcoming weeks in Qatar. This group is referred to as the “package.”

Olivier Giroud, who is 35 years old but still dashing and who aligns the performances of choice and the goals with AC Milan, was the player that he called every time the possible future Ballon d’Or winner Karim Benzema was not present (9 matches, 5 goals, 1 assist in 2022-23). Former Montpellier player continued his momentum on Thursday evening, he who was established at the Stade de France, confirming what everyone already knew: he is not the most twirling, nor the more spectacular or the more exciting to see playing, not flashy for a penny, but that it is precious, useful in Blue… Scorer at the March rally, absent in June, the former Montpellier player continued his momentum on Thursday evening, he who was established at the Stade de France.

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Two goals from Thierry Henry

Olivier Giroud above all shone with his game intelligence, his placements, and his discounts, including two in quick succession for Mbappé and Griezmann. Author of his 49th goal in 113 selections (two goals from record holder Thierry Henry), from the head, a cross from Antoine Griezmann cut on a basketball extension in the 65th minute, the goal of the break after a new individual feat signed Mbappé (56th), the goal of the break after a basketball (26th and 27th). A missed opportunity in front of the goal by Jonathan Clauss (in the 39th minute) that brings his performance into question. The native of Chambéry was replaced in the 79th minute by Christopher Nkunku. He only touched 38 balls throughout the game, which is typical of his playing style. He had four shots, including one on goal, and two chances and 72% of his passes were successful. However, as is so frequently the case, the impact of this is not restricted to numbers. He weighed, oriented, and opened up breaches, with Mbappé frequently banished on the left, as well as Griezmann, who needed a considerable amount of time to get started before multiplying the caviars.

In addition, the connection between Giroud and Mbappé worked beautifully on Thursday, which can provide more inspiration for the coach. “Yes, I think that’s wonderful. In addition, with Antoine, We were able to look for each other without being separated from the rest of the team because he was located further up the field than we were. Our joy knows no bounds. At this point, we need to confirm. Our joy knows no bounds. Karim is also expected to return. “We’ll see how it goes,” asserted “KM,” the neo-Blue Jonathan Clauss who was emphasizing the mental attributes of the individual in question. “Giroud? He remained true to himself. He is the type of player who leaves nothing on the field and is resolute when the situation calls for it. Sincerity compels me to offer my congratulations to him because I know how difficult it may be at times. However, he possesses extraordinary moral fortitude and a warrior’s mentality, and that is evident in his actions.” The piston from Marseille remarked.


He’s doing everything to be at the World Cup, but…

Didier Deschamps

When asked about Giroud’s departure a few days ago on RTL, Didier Deschamps said, “I have never put the souk in a locker room, it is an important thought to take into account.” Didier Deschamps must not have missed anything from the interview. And here’s one more reason why Didier Deschamps should put his name on the list of 23 players to take to the World Cup with them. That of the arguments that plead in favor of Giroud is as long as the arm, we saw it again Thursday evening, with this successful performance and the whole range of what he can bring, he who was certainly competing for one of his last matches at the Stade de France under the colors of the national team. That of the arguments which plead in favor of Giroud is as long as the arm, we saw it again Thursday evening, with this successful performance and the whole range of what he can bring. It is unknown at this time whether that was also one of his final matches while wearing Blue… “Let it continue like this,” Deschamps says in a greeting. You are going to give everything meaning of your own, but did I tell you that he would be there or not? It is incumbent upon him to deliver, and he did just that (Thursday). We won’t know anything until November. Even though he is putting in an incredible amount of effort, there is a lot of fierce competition for every position. I can have a larger margin; I could go as high as 26…” Deschamps to decide.

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