Haaland’s physical transformation: “12 kg in 15 months”

In response to a question from Mundo Deportivo Erling Haaland’s coach in Dortmund, Erase Steenslid, described how the Norwegian athlete, now 22 years old, has undergone a physical transformation.

Exceptional. Phenomenal. Spectacular. When attempting to describe Erling Haaland, superlatives are no longer enough. The Norwegian player, who is now 22 years old and recently moved from his previous club to Manchester City this summer, did not require any time to adjust after making the move.

A flamboyant start to the season has been made by Haaland, who has already contributed to eleven goals and one assist in seven Premier League games. This is in addition to the three goals he has scored in two Champions League games.

According to Erase Steenslid, the Norwegian player’s coach at Dortmund, the successful start to the season should not come as a surprise and reveals the player’s dietary habits. Dortmund was the Norwegian player’s former club. “In addition to dishes of swordfish, sea bass, and sea bream, which were always served with vegetables, his diet consisted primarily of chicken and pasta, both of which were prepared without the use of salt or oil. In terms of consuming liquids, he limited himself to water so that he would not flood his system with highly concentrated sweets. Additionally, he picked fresh items over frozen ones, as he stated in an interview with Mundo Deportivo.

“Because of his advantageous genetics, his body is particularly receptive to the training that he undergoes. In just 15 months, he put on a total of 12 kilograms of muscle. It was out of control. This muscle was developed from the ground up by our team. He was always the one standing closest to the buffet, and the amount of food on his plate might be described as a mountain, he said.

Erling Haaland will have one more chance to exhibit his skills in a significant competition, the Manchester derby, which will take place this coming Sunday. The game will begin at the Etihad Stadium at three in the afternoon.

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