How Deschamps protects France from the media


The head coach of the French football team has decided to maintain the status quo despite the current uninspiring environment.

Envoy Special to the City of Copenhagen

” Nothing or no one can shake the tranquility that I have found within.”

Didier Deschamps has not shown the slightest bit of movement on any issue since the previous Sunday, which was the day he and his staff arrived at Clairefontaine, and up until Saturday evening, which was the eve of the match in Copenhagen. Leave the Blues in their little enclave and make sure the after-sales service is taken care of in front of the media to keep from getting off track in a situation where there is a lot of business going on (Pogba, FFF, etc.). Despite the media tempest that is agitating French football, “DD” maintains control of the team as a competent captain.

Spread positive vibes in a context weighed down by business

The head coach of the world champions spent a significant portion of the summer daydreaming about his players heading back to class after a disappointing and vexing rally in June that resulted in two draws and two losses. During this time, the coach seemed to be logically erased due to the passing of his father. With one single goal in mind, which was to reclaim victory while waiting for a response of pride from the players on the field. However, considering the topics over the days…

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