“I adore you,” “thank you,” “an inspiration”: accolades after Federer’s retirement.

Following the announcement that he will be retiring from tennis, the entire tennis community came together to pay tribute to the legendary Swiss player.

A seismic event has just occurred in the world of tennis: Roger Federer has just revealed on his social networks that he will call it quits after the Laver Cup, which is a competition that will take place in London between September 23 and September 25. The conclusion of the career of the Swiss icon, who won 103 titles overall and 20 in the Grand Slam tournaments, has, as one might expect, elicited a lot of responses from people. “You modified the game said for the ATP Tour, which is the name of the worldwide men’s tennis circuit, by adding a heart emoticon to emphasize all of the love he has for the sophisticated 41-year-old player.

Wimbledon, which he had won eight times (a men’s record), wanted to honor him for all of his years and his accomplishments, including the following: “Where can we even begin? It has been an honor to be a part of your journey and to observe your transformation into a winner in every meaning of the term. In homage, the London tournament stated, “We shall miss you so much on our courts, but for now all we can say is thank you, for the memories and the joy you have provided to so many people.”

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“Both on and off the court, an example to follow. Thank you, Roger. »

The name Roland Garros

The other Grand Slam events also took to their social networks to express their gratitude to him, writing, “Inspiration on and off the court.” Roland-Garros specifically thanked Roger for his contribution and stated “Thank you, Roger.”

The players that had the opportunity to compete against him paid respect to him and conveyed their sadness in the following ways: “I LOVE YOU Roger. I want to express my gratitude for everything you’ve done for me and in tennis. Juan Martin del Potro once told me that “the world of tennis would never be the same without you.” On the other side, the new world number one, Carlos Alcaraz, expressed his displeasure through a brief remark that was accompanied by an emoticon depicting a broken heart. Before I ever picked up a pen, Roger was one of my literary heroes and a major source of inspiration. I want to express my gratitude to you for everything you’ve done to help our sport. I can never get enough of playing with you! I hope that whatever lies ahead brings you nothing but joy and pleasure!”

Richard Gasquet, who handed France the lead in the Davis Cup match against Australia on Thursday, decided to focus his attention on the playing style of the Swiss: “We had a hunch about it, and we observed that kneeling was no longer an option. It’s Roger Federer tennis, and when you watch it, you can’t take your eyes off the television for a second. […] Amazing to see this guy play because of his grace and the way he plays his forehand coming forward. There is a distinguishing feature. Blows from afar, elegance, and he achieved things that nobody else did were all things that he accomplished. It was the most breathtaking thing to look at. He explained it by saying that “he took the game to another dimension,” which were words that were reported by RMC Sports.

Tributes from people and places outside of the tennis world

It is not just the tennis community that has chosen to honor Roger Federer, who is widely recognized as a great icon of the sport in general. As an illustration, the Olympic Games, which he won in doubles in 2008, expressed their gratitude to him for his magnificent career by saying the following: “A very impressive athlete. A remarkable professional life. They expressed their gratitude on Twitter, writing, “Thank you for everything Roger Federer, we will miss you!” As for Kylian Mbappé, the football sensation, he took to his Instagram account and published a “story,” which is a temporary post, in which he used emoticons to give the impression that he thought Roger Federer was the best tennis player in the annals of the sport’s history.

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