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In Ligue 2, the Greens have taken down the league-leading Bordeaux club.

Ligue 2: the Greens bring down the Bordeaux leader

This past Saturday’s victory over Bordeaux moved Saint-Etienne out of the relegation zone in the league standings (2-0).

It’s possible that AS Saint-Etienne kicked off their season earlier today, on a Saturday afternoon. The Greens came out on top by a two-goal margin in a game where there weren’t many obvious scoring opportunities. On the other hand, the Girondins de Bordeaux, who were already in first place in the standings heading into the eighth day of Ligue 2 play, got off to the best possible start, thanks in large part to an excellent and enterprising Fransergio. The players under David Guion’s direction, however, have slowed down after the first quarter of an hour of play. A slowdown that the Stéphanois were able to use to their advantage and acquire the upper hand in the competition. And then, in the 35th minute, following a wonderful sequence, Thomas Monconduit, who had been located in the penalty area by Dylan Chambost, sent Ibrahima Wadji with a pass in front of the net. The Senegalese, who were quite aggressive in the first act, did not flinch and pushed the ball into the back of the net for the first goal of the game. Therefore, as Laurent Batlles’s team went back to the locker room, they carried a one-goal lead with them.

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When play resumed for the Girondins de Bordeaux, they were once again treated to a highlight. On two separate occasions, Vital Nsimba provided Dillane Bakwa with an excellent cross. Even though the French striker was unable to score on his first try, Matthieu Dreyer made a fantastic save on his second attempt to prevent the equalizer from being scored. The lack of reality shown by Bordeaux was then punished by AS Saint-Etienne. Yvan Macon capitalized on his opportunity to volley the ball in the 67th minute of play after the Gironde defense had a difficult time clearing a cross from the left side that was delivered by Lenny Pintor. His attempt to cross the ball with his right foot was successful in surprising Gaetan Poussin and has been extremely good so far this afternoon. The Bordelais made a determined effort to win the match in the last moments, but they were unable to do so. On the other hand, the Greens played exceptionally well this past Saturday, and it was only natural that they came away with three points. They have moved out of the danger zone and into the 12th spot in the standings as a result of this significant victory. In the meantime, their competitors of the day continue to hold the lead for the time being.

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