Julien Stéphan: “Everyone was upset after the game”

After losing in the nick of time at Montpellier on the eighth day of the league season this past Saturday, the coach from Alsace expressed his dissatisfaction with the team’s performance.

Julien Stéphan, the coach of Strasbourg, said after their loss against Montpellier by a score of 2-1, “There is a lot of disappointment.” This moment is extremely challenging, particularly when considered in light of the surrounding circumstances. We believed that by returning to the score, we had completed the most difficult portion of the mission. After a strong start to the contest on our part, we were unable to generate any scoring opportunities in the second half. I serve as the coach here. If it is still there today, you may point the finger of blame squarely at me. For instance, I need to instill a greater sense of assurance in the attackers. The situation with the accounting is not good. We are now in the middle of a very lengthy process to change the way things are going. We should all make sure that we are adequately prepared for this.

I envisioned a new season that was distinct from the one that had come before. We are in a bind right now. We do not maintain our level of performance throughout a contest. We have no choice but to make the most of the circumstances. You can count on me to go to battle for you. The season has not yet come to an end. If this occurs, we will be impacted. After the game, everyone in the locker room felt the effects of the situation.

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