Legends of Puerto Rico: Jasmine Camacho-Quinn won the first Puerto Rican Olympic gold medal in athletics and received congratulations from Daddy Yankee

Puerto Rico bathes in glory for the first time in the history of Olympic athletics after the triumph of Jasmine Camacho-Quinn in the 100m hurdles event in Tokyo 2020. The new legend of the island of enchantment received a very special congratulations: the by Daddy Yankee

Tokyo 2020 has become a very special Olympic Games for Puerto Rico. For the first time in their history, the Puerto Ricans will boast an Olympic gold medal in athleticsJasmine Camacho-Quinn won the final of the women’s 100m hurdles and bathed the Caribbean with glory.

Camacho-Quinn won with a time of 12.37 seconds, beating Kendra Harrison (United States) and Megan Tapper (Jamaica). This is how Puerto Rico entered the history of athletics.

In the semifinals, he gave a warning of what he was capable of by breaking the Olympic record of the discipline with a mark of 12.26 seconds.

With this, she made it clear that she was the best competitor in the group for Tokyo 2020. In the final, she could not improve the record, but she won relatively comfortably.

The athlete, a native of South Carolina and a Puerto Rican mother received a very special congratulations from a consolidated legend of Puerto Rico: Daddy Yankee.

“ Congratulations on that gold medal. Thank you for putting our island in style. Worthy representation! Wrote the San Juan-born musician.

Jasmine, 24, entered the Olympus of athletics. And he celebrated it as it deserves such a milestone. Although he does not speak Spanish, his feeling for Puerto Rico makes up for everything. Another iconic story in Tokyo 2020. Another story of greatness in the Caribbean.

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