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Ligue 1: Nantes steward promotes “African radiation”

Ligue 1: a steward of FC Nantes preaches for "the radiation of Africa"

THE SPORTS SCAN – The Nantes club swiftly responded to the comments, which quickly spread throughout social networks, by assuring that the steward in question will be fired.

A man who calls himself “Pablo Escobar” has been making offensive and upsetting statements about Africa on several social media platforms. It was revealed that this individual served as a steward for FC Nantes.

“In a video that was initially shared on the social network TikTok and then rebroadcast on Twitter first thing on Friday morning, a person can be heard saying that there is nothing for people to do in France. I have been advocating, now for a good number of years, for the complete obliteration of Africa from the surface of the globe. We detonate a tiny nuclear weapon in the area to completely destroy it.

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“The young man went on to say that the children of Africa today are the terrorists of the future. The African nation is completely irrelevant to life on this planet. Why don’t we just let loose a few nuclear weapons on them? It would be beneficial for them. And doing so would be very beneficial to us.»

The club “takes the necessary measures»

FC Nantes took immediate action after being made aware of the widespread distribution of the photos. A few minutes after the video was reposted, the Nantes club issued a statement to “take the appropriate actions.»

“This individual, who works as a steward for a club service provider, has been brought to the attention of FC Nantes because of his unacceptable behavior. It is not appropriate for you to behave in this manner. In response to his words, FC Nantes took the appropriate steps to ensure that they would never have to deal with him at the Stadium again.

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