Mathias Pogba denounces brother Paul’s “gang”

In the films that Mathias Pogba shared on Friday morning, he reflects on the threats and acts of violence that he claims his family has endured as a direct result of his older brother, Paul Pogba.

Mathias Pogba made several startling discoveries in a series of approximately thirty films that were posted on Twitter on Friday morning. One of these was that his younger brother Paul has been associated with an entourage of “criminals and delinquents” for several years. A “cousin” of the Pogba family has been identified among the “bandits” who have been shot. An individual sustained a gunshot wound during the assault that took place in August of last year, according to the information that was validated by the police investigation report.

“A great number of people are going to be astonished and will have a hard time believing this, but it is the truth. Because of this, our family and other people we care about are at risk right now. In his comments that were posted on Twitter on Friday morning, Mathias revealed that his brother “has always had criminals and delinquents about him, and he still has them today.”

In another video, he claims to describe how he was the victim of a robbery committed by the same thugs who reportedly “bullied, attacked, and burnt their car.” Mathias describes the situation as one in which the blood “had sunk.”

If it were simply friendship, everything might be all right. The problem is that he utilized those relationships and their identities to shield himself while he was out on the streets, to do business with them so that they would do things for him and shed blood for him, » the other person says.

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“I was unaware of these acts until he betrayed his henchmen and left without informing anybody, leaving our mother and me to our fate, allowing his family and loved ones to become the targets of these bandits. ” “I was oblivious of these acts until he deserted his henchmen and fled without telling anyone. Because of him, some of our kin have already been the targets of violent assaults and gunfire. “Mathias concluded that we did not go to the authorities because we feared retaliation and did not have any other way to defend ourselves or the others.”

As a reminder, a man who was arrested on Saturday as part of the investigation being carried out in Paris on the extortion of funds denounced by the football player Paul Pogba was remanded in custody on Tuesday, according to a source within the judicial system. The investigation was brought to light by the football player Paul Pogba. The four further suspects were arrested and held in pre-trial detention after being charged with several crimes, including kidnapping as part of an organized gang, extortion with a weapon, and criminal association.

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