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Messi scores twice in as many minutes for Argentina on foot

Foot: a double in two minutes for Messi with Argentina

After beating Jamaica (3-0) on Tuesday at the Red Bull Arena in New Jersey, Argentina’s national team, captained by Lionel Messi, extended its win streak to 35 games in a straight, ensuring that it will arrive in Qatar in November without having suffered a loss.

What could top a day that counts as a “hundred”? Lionel Messi only played the final 35 minutes of Argentina’s triumph against Jamaica (which ended in a score of 3-0), but he still managed to score a pair of goals to celebrate his 100th victory overall in international competition on Tuesday in Harrison (New Jersey).

The Red Bull Arena has filled with a jubilant spirit thanks to a large number of Argentine fans in attendance, and everyone’s attention was focused on “la Pulga” (the chip). As a result, the temperature quickly spiked when the star player entered the game in the 55th minute. The coach Lionel Scaloni had decided not to play the player before the game since the player was showing signs of the flu. After that, no less than three fans ran toward Messi to approach him, touch him, and even take a selfie with him. All of them were tackled by the stewards, under the half-amused and half-incredulous gaze of the Argentinian object of desire. Messi was looking at the situation with a mixture of amusement and incredulity.

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Even though Julio Alvarez scored the game’s first goal in the 13th minute, it is fair to say that Lionel Messi was ultimately responsible for putting Argentina on the path to victory in this otherwise unremarkable exhibition match. It is important to note, however, that Messi did so in a relatively short amount of time. Messi initially scored the second goal on his third attempt, after two of his shots within the area had been saved by the goalkeeper, with a shot that was taken outside of the rectangle and wound up flush with the post (86th). Three minutes later, he provoked a free kick at the entrance to the surface and did himself justice by placing the ball under the jumping wall, which cleared the ventilator. This happened three minutes after the initial incident.

goal number 90

His 89th and 90th achievements are out of a total of 164 choices. And since we are talking about numbers, it is important to note that this match allows him to become the fifth player in the history of the sport to reach 100 victories with his national team. He will join in this exclusive club the Spaniards Sergio Ramos (131 victories in 180 matches) and Iker Casillas (121 victories in 167), as well as the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo (112 victories in 189) and the Mexican Andrés Guardado (112 victories in 189). (101 in 177).

Four days after his already remarkable performance against Honduras, his double having largely contributed to the victory (3-0) of the Argentines, Lionel Messi confirms that he is going through a good period, interviewing in the jersey of PSG since the start of the season, that either in the French championship or in the Champions League. Messi scored both goals in the match against Honduras, which helped the Argentines win 3-0.

Following victory number ten, the Albiceleste have extended their unbeaten streak to a total of 35 matches (26 wins, 9 draws). A series began in 2019, which brings it to the same level as Brazil (1993-1996), Spain (2007-2009), and Algeria (2018-2022). The record for the most matches played in this category is held by Italy (2018-2021), who has played 37 of them. Enough to keep Argentine fans’ hopes for glory alive two months before the start of the World Cup in Qatar, where their national team will compete in Group C alongside Saudi Arabia, Mexico, and Poland.

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