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Nadal praises Federer, saying, “I wish this day never happened…” in tennis.

Tennis: Nadal pays tribute to Federer, "I wish this day never happened..."

The Spaniard took to his website on Thursday to post a few words of congratulations to the Swiss colleague who had just declared his intention to retire shortly.

An hommage paid by one legendary figure to another. For great respect. Total. Rafael Nadal stated on Thursday that the announcement of Roger Federer’s retirement from the sport of tennis was “a sad day for (him) and for the sport worldwide.” Federer was Rafael Nadal’s longtime competitor on the global tennis scene. On Twitter, the Spanish champion added, “It has been a pleasure but it has also been an honor and a privilege to share all of these years with you, to experience so many fantastic moments on and off the courts.” This was said about the fact that they had experienced so many fantastic moments both on and off the courts.

Federer, with his 20 Grand Slam titles, and Nadal, who took the record to 23 titles, have for a long time inhabited the heights of world tennis alone – until the emergence of the Serbian Novak Djokovic -, facing each other 40 times. Federer has won 20 Grand Slam titles, and Nadal has taken the record to 23 titles. (the Spaniards had a total of 24 victories, while the Swiss only had 16). Their distinct approaches to fashion have given rise to a storied competition, which coexists with an unshakeable friendship between the two of them. In response to the news that Federer, who is five years his older, will be retiring, Rafael Nadal, who is 36 years old, took to his website and wrote, “I hope that day never happened.”

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The current world number three says, “We will still have many more moments to enjoy together in the future, there is so much more to do together, and we know that.” He continues by saying, “Shortly, I wish you all the happiness that is possible with your wife, Mirka, your children, and the rest of your family.” “I’ll see you in London,” he says as he wraps up, referring to the Laver Cup, which is a competition that will take place from September 23 to September 25 in the capital of the United Kingdom and will be the final competition for the Swiss prodigy.

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