Neymar explains his Bolsonaro support

The PSG striker, who was heavily lambasted for his support of the departing Brazilian president, did not hesitate to comment on social networks after receiving such criticism.

Neymar, a superstar soccer player from Brazil, responded to criticism of his public support for Brazil’s current president, Jair Bolsonaro, in a tweet that he posted on Friday. The criticism centered on the fact that Neymar’s support for Bolsonaro came just days before a contentious election in Brazil. “We talk about democracy and a lot of other things, but when someone has a different opinion, those of us who talk about democracy attack the person who has a different opinion.” The player with the Paris SG tweeted, “Go understand.”

The football player smiled and mimed a song in a video that was uploaded on Tik-Tok on Thursday. The song was an appeal for people to vote for the Brazilian president, who is running for re-election and whose first round of voting will take place on Sunday. The 30-year-old player is a passionate supporter of the outgoing head of state, who is trailing in the polls behind the previous left-wing president Luiz Inacio Lula. da Silva. The footballer has eight million subscribers on TikTok and about 180 million on Instagram. Jair Bolsonaro swiftly tweeted Neymar’s video, appending the phrase “Thank you, @neymarjr!” to the end of the tweet.

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The chorus of this piece of electronic music has the line “Vote, vote and confirm, on the 22nd, it’s Bolsonaro.” This line is a reference to the code that must be typed into the electronic ballot box on Sunday’s election day, which is 22. The widespread support from the people has prompted several responses on social networks and in the Brazilian press. In one of his columns for the Brazilian publication UOL Esporte, the former Brazilian international footballer Walter Casagrande expressed his opinion that Neymar had “exposed all of his incoherence, his estrangement, and his lack of social consciousness.” Casagrande is one of the detractors.

Neymar supports the candidate with the most prejudices in Brazilian political history, according to the former Sao Paulo Corinthians striker, who notes that despite Neymar’s support for his teammate Richarlison, who was recently the victim of a racist act at the Parc des Princes, “Neymar supports the candidate who has already made homophobic, macho and racist remarks.” Richarlison was recently the victim of a racist act at the Parc des Princes. In response to this article, Neymar commented by clicking the “like” button on a tweet that made fun of Casagrande.

Also, Neymar has shown his support for Jair Bolsonaro in the upcoming presidential race across his various social media platforms.

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