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Novès is “glad to see what shit they are in” in the Laporte-Altrad trial.

Laporte-Altrad trial: Novès "happy to see what shit they are in"

When asked about the legal problems that his former boss was facing, the former coach of the France national rugby team did not hold back his comments.

“The fact that they’ve gotten themselves into such a precarious situation makes me so, so happy I could burst.

These are powerful words that have been signed. Guy Novès was asked about his reaction to the news of the Laporte-Altrad trial, which resulted in a prison sentence for both of the defendants. Therefore, the former coach of the France XV (2016-2017) concluded his public intervention at Onet-le-Chateau (Aveyron) with these words, where he shares his joy at seeing his former boss struggling with justice, who will hand down his judgment on December 13. This is even though his animosity toward Bernard Laporte is common knowledge.

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Novès was terminated in 2017 for “severe misconduct,” and he claimed his relationship with Laporte was nonexistent, saying that they would have seen each other no more than three times per year. In addition to this, he did not have many sentiments toward Serge Simon, who was described throughout the evening as “the other bank, by the comments that were published by Press Center from those who were present at the event that was arranged by a local company.

“No impact on player performance”

On the other hand, the former successful coach of Stade Toulousain, who reminisced at length about his time spent with the Rouge et Noir, stated that he was confident in the ability of the French national team to overlook the context of the upcoming World Cup in 2023, which will be held in France. “I do not believe that the events that are taking place at the federation at the moment can have any effect on the players. They are surrounded by their close circle of buddies. What counts to them is being able to compete and giving their all in whatever they do. In my opinion, it will not have any effect on the performance that they deliver.

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