NYC FC thrashed DC United

The New York City FC had a successful return to the ‘Casona El Bronx’ (Yankee Stadium), handing him a historic route to the District of Columbia.

United, better known as DC United 6-0, with a double by Valentín “Taty” Castellanos and completing the win by Thiago Andrade, Maximiliano “Maxi” Moralez, Alexander Calllens and Jesús Medina.

The meeting started with a goal from the ‘dressing room’, just one minute into the game and the Boys in Blue opened the scoring with a score from the Brazilian, Thiago Andrade, after an excellent assist from Malte Amundsen.

Annotation that notably surprised those led by the Argentine, Hernán Losada. Then he bulged it at the edge of 7 ‘with a great goal from “Taty” Castellanos, who took advantage of a bad clearance by goalkeeper Bill Hamid and with a long-range shot, sent him to the back of the net.

Again at 11 ‘, “Taty” Castellanos was present on the scoreboard, after a false start by goalkeeper Hamid, scoring the third goal.

Then at minute 44, the figure of Maximiliano “Maxi” Moralez appeared, scoring the fourth goal, after the attempt of “half Chilean” by “Taty” Castellanos, but the ball hit the goalkeeper’s hands and the rebound was taken advantage of by Moralez.

While it is true, United had their flashes of reaction to remove the zero, but without achieving it.

In the final stage, the actions did not change much, a New York Citizen overwhelming and managing the ‘strings’ of the match, while the visiting team, trying to play their game, but without hurting.

Then at minute 7 (52 ‘), the Peruvian Alexander Callens met again with the goal, making the fifth score, and finally, at minute 29 (74’), Jesús Medina was also present on the scoreboard scoring the 6th. and the last goal of the match.

New York City FC’s next game was on Wednesday (October 27), receiving a visit from the Chicago Fire.

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