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Our Weekly New York Soccer Tour

Our Weekly New York Soccer Tour

For their part, Delfín FC, Alianza and La Chala also won with a large score. El Delfin beating Arroyo FC 9-3. The Alliance at Atlético by 8-2 and La Chala at Mars FC by 8-6.

Roll the Ball in the HONDUCOL SL

With a total of 114 goals scored, in 12 matches completed, the new indoor soccer championship started in the HONDUCOL Soccer League. An opening day where the Veterans of the PHA Club became the top scorer, blasting the MMFC 12-9.

For their part, Delfín FC, Alianza and La Chala also won with a large score. El Delfin beating Arroyo FC 9-3. The Alliance at Atlético by 8-2 and La Chala at Mars FC by 8-6.

The Veterans of Limeños and the Youth of El Salvador won their respective commitments with the same goal ‘quota’. Limeños defeating Union CentroAmericana “UCA” by 6-3 and El Salvador defeating Lodi FC 6-4.

Likewise, the Veterans of America de Manta and the Youth of Riverside won with the same ‘quota’ goal. America defeated their compatriots Delfin de Manta 4-0 and Riverside defeating Mars FC 4-2.

In other games, Riverside 5, Los Amigos FC 4; Real Spain 4, Leaders 3; United FC 2, La Cuadra 0 and Mexico-Roque with Los Amigos FC tied 5-5.

The HONDUCOL Football League will be played this Saturday, December 11, the second date of the new 2021-22 championship, in its new sports redoubt, a gym of Public School No. 103, located at 4125 Carpenter Ave., in the Bronx.

NY Inter Mex

After having completed the North Atlantic Fall 2021 / Spring 2022 championship, NY Inter Mex SC in the U-14 category, also participated in the Soccer Coliseum Thanksgiving Shootout Tournament.

Championship where he debuted beating the Nascent White Wolves 1-0. They then fell to Composure Lads FC, but then recovered and beat Ram NY / NJ Rams 4-0 and ended their participation by overwhelming Deportivo Yonkers PSG 5-1. With these results, he finished in the privileged third place.

For its part, the U-15 category also had a very good performance at the end that qualified for the final, but unfortunately in the last minute of regulation time, it fell 1-0.

Mexican League SP

Incredible, but true, Barza continues to beat wholesale and this day was no exception, shooting Chava 12-1, on the tenth date in the Mexican Soccer League Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

For their part, Atléticos, Panteras, and Manchester won their respective matches with the same goal ‘quota’. Atléticos added another huge profit, defeating Leones del Sur 6-5; The Panteras in a recovery plan, thrashed Barcelona 6-1 and Manchester returned to the actions, giving another consecutive fall to Chava, beating him 6-2.

Veracruz scored a massive double win, defeating Brooklyn FC 5-3 and then Caton FC 4-0. The same happened with PSG who beat Manchester 3-2.

The Mexican Soccer League Sunset Park, Brooklyn, will be playing this Friday, December 10, the eleventh date of the winter championship, being played on Soccerrof artificial fields, located at 14b 53rd Street, in Brooklyn.

Cris-Con SL

The prestigious and legendary Cristo del Consuelo Soccer League had to postpone the royal inauguration of its new championship due to Force Majeure and without fear of being wrong due to the field conditioning factor.

Championship that could start this Saturday, December 11. Taking into account that it will now have its own sports redoubt which is called Socceroof NYC located at 1700 Atlantic Avenue, in Brooklyn. Championship to be played with the No. 4 ball (the one that does not jump) on artificial turf pitches.
For more details please call (347) 513-7043.

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