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Our Weekly New York Soccer Tour

Our Weekly New York Soccer Tour

Semis and Final are coming in the Mexican League SP

As expected and without any kind of surprise in the results, the round of 16 was completed in the Mexican Soccer League Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

Matchday where San Miguel, Toritos, Puebla and San Francisco advanced to the semi-final round.

San Miguel eliminating Coyotes with an aggregate score of 7-1 (in the first leg 4- 0 and in the round 3-1). El Toritos did the same with Guerreros, beating them 11-1 on aggregate (7-0 in the first leg and 4-0 in the second leg). The same happened with San Francisco defeating Monaco with a 2-1 aggregate (in the first leg 0-1 in the second leg 2-0).

For its part, Puebla, thanks to the goal difference factor and better positioned, managed to survive since in the first leg they defeated Los Felinos Perros of the 86 by 4-1, but in the return Los Felinos defeated them 4-1.

The Mexican Soccer League Sunset Park, Brooklyn, will be playing this Friday, September 24, the semi-final round and the Grand Final on the fields of Sunset Park, located in the 6th. 54th Avenue and Street, in Brooklyn.

NY Inter Mex

Unfortunately, the NY Inter Mex SC category U-14, did not run with the same luck as last day, since on this second date of the championship in the North Atlantic Fall 2021 / Spring 2022, they ended up losing to SB Athletico Direwolf.

Meeting where NY Inter Mex started proposing in their game. But it was his rival on duty, who knew how to take advantage of all kinds of opportunities, taking over the shares, to end up coming out the winner.

For its part, the U-11 category had a bad debut, on the Fort Tilden Soccer Fields, in Queen, losing to Kosmos FC TST Atlas. Meanwhile, the U-16 category, is still impatiently waiting for its turn, to go into action in the month of November.

Allerton ballfield

Riverside FC led by George Davis and directed by Marco El Tuco Guity, unfortunately had to say goodbye to the championship last Saturday (September 11), failing to qualify for the ‘big party’ the Liguillla, after losing 2-1, before the Waguia. Championship being played on Saturdays at the Allerton Ballfield court, in The Bronx.

It should be mentioned that Riverside faced the last game with an alternate squad, and also ended up playing with 7 men, including the goalkeeper who got injured just started the game, being replaced by a defender. Even so, the first half ended 1-0.

In the final stage, those led by George and “El Tuco” Guity, surprised by tying the shares. But minutes later he received the second and last goal of the match.
For its part, the other ‘debutant’ team, Chamelecón FC, despite having drawn without goals with Honduras Sport, also said goodbye to the championship.

 League My Neighborhood

La Liga Mi Barrio unfortunately could not comply with the Short Tournament in the Soccer 7 modality. Because it did not manage to have the quorum of planned teams; since before the championship it only had half the teams. Therefore the tournament had to be canceled. It will be until next year (2022) that the League will return to soccer actions.

Red Hook Park

The Amigos de Alex FC, reigning Bi-Champion and led by Douglas Rodríguez, assisted by Maycor Mr. Merengue Rodríguez, did not see action last Saturday (September 18), because they are already classified for the Liguilla.

But if they were witnesses of the well-deserved tribute that Don Rene El Yuca Rodríguez received, for his career and contribution to International Soccer. Yuca Rodríguez is the father of the Douglas Brothers and Mayor Rodríguez, senior leaders of the Bi-Champion, Friends of Alex FC ..

For their part, the Mexicana Express drivers led by Oscar Chayote Macareno, who is in the midst of a struggle seeking a place in the Liguilla; Nor did he see action due to the field factor.

Copan Maya SL

Isla Pau entered the Liguilla with a ‘right foot’ in the 50 category, beating Barza 4-0. The same happened with Junior Curamba / Pasaje defeating Trastevere Jr. FC 3-1. While Drink Team compromised its classification after drawing with La Barra 0-0.

Meanwhile, the Señorones (55), from La Barra achieved the ‘longed-for’ classification by beating Aguirrenses Forever 2-0.

The other classifieds are, the Real Friends for Ever when counting 10 points. Carmen de la Legua Reynoso with 19 pts .; Chile NY with 21 pts .; La Recocha with 28 pts. and the Homeland with 30 units.

The Copán Maya Soccer League Master Tournament 2021, will be playing this Saturday, September 25, the round of Liguillla category Over 50 matches and the first date Liguilla category Over 55, as always in its redoubt field No. 7 park in Flushing.

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