Paredes “did not have a relationship” with Mbappé, according to PSG

A question was asked regarding Mbappé, and the former Parisian responded hastily by saying that he “does not talk about those with whom he had no relationship.”

When a reporter asked Leandro Paredes about his former colleague at PSG, Kylian Mbappé, he didn’t give the impression that he was interested in answering the question. He reveals matter-of-factly about his last girlfriend, “Those I didn’t have a connection with, I can’t tell you about.”

A fairly unexpected response hints that the two players do not have a good knowledge of one other. “Dropping Paredes at the microphone of ESPN at the Argentina rally because “it’s not for me to talk about him” is inappropriate. I had a relationship with those with whom I had a relationship, but those with whom I didn’t didn’t have a relationship, I can’t tell you about it”.

The Champions League match between Juventus and PSG that takes place on November 2 will bring these two players together.

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