Parisian handball team wins Champions League match versus Magdeburg.

The match between PSG and Magdeburg was a stunning victory for PSG (22-29). As a result of this victory, the team from the nation’s capital is currently sitting in the second position within the group that they are competing in for the Champions League.

During the third day of the group stage of the Champions League on Wednesday, the handball players for Paris SG went to correct Magdeburg, the German champions, in their chamber 29 to 22. This took place without Nikola Karabatic, who tested positive for Covid-19.

The Parisians signed their second victory in C1 thanks to a good defense and an impressive performance in goal by Jannick Green (11 saves). As a result, they are back on par with the German champions (two wins and a defeat), and they are in second place behind the Hungarians of Veszprem ( three wins).

After suffering its first loss in the league since June 2021 in Toulouse (35-27), PSG will host Créteil for an Ile-de-France duel on Saturday (7:00 p.m.), which will take place during the 4th day of the Starligue. The following week, PSG will return to the Champions League by hosting Zagreb five days later, still at Coubertin.

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