Paul Pogba told cops he would pay despite being afraid.

This coming Monday, an excerpt from the testimony of the French international, who was the target of an attempt at extortion back in March, will be published in the world.

A testimony that will chill you. Spooky. After being robbed on the evening of March 19 in an apartment in Chanteloup-en-Brie (Seine-et-Marne), Paul Pogba gave the police his account of the events in a case that is causing a stir in French football and may have repercussions on the day-to-day operations of the France team. An evening that the primary individual who is interested will not soon forget.

Robbed by two hooded and armed men

This coming Monday, the world will publish an excerpt of what the world champion told the investigators when he was threatened by two armed men after being taken away by the police “friends in this apartment in the region of Paris following an early evening in Paris spent with some childhood friends. friends in this apartment in the region of Paris.

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“Paul Pogba, who is out of action with the Blues this week owing to an injury that leaves his status for the World Cup in doubt, admitted that he was terrified (November 20-December 18). Both of the guys aimed their rifles in my direction. I was suddenly pointed like this while being threatened, and I informed them that I would pay for what they had done to me. They were yelling at us to be quiet and to gaze at the ground. (…) Roushdane reported hearing a voice in his ear from one of the masked men (Editor’s note: one of the five suspects currently detained). Roushdane warned me that for the men in hoods to go, I was required to pay them; otherwise, all of us would be in danger.

Pogba’s phone confiscated on the spot

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Our coworkers take immediate action to take Pogba’s phone away from him and ensure that it is done so. Two individuals concealed by hoods and wearing protective vests along with numerous weapons enter the room and aim at the football player. After that, the individual identifying himself as Roushdane K demanded that he pay a total of 13 million euros, of which 3 million should be paid in cash, for “guaranteed protection” over the past few years. On that particular occasion, he would not have been permitted to leave the premises before the early morning hours of 4 a.m. The people who have Paul Pogba under blackmail threaten to show him a video in which he asks a marabout to cast a spell on Kylian Mbappé and other rivals if he does not comply with their demand that he pay this sum of money.

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Mathias Pogba, age 32, was charged with extortion in an organized gang and involvement in a criminal association. Mathias is the brother of the current world champion Paul Pogba. He was given the more advantageous status of assisting witness for the facts of the kidnapping that took place on the night of March 19 to 20 according to a source who is close to the investigation. He is currently being held in remand custody. The other four defendants, all of whom are related to the Pogba brothers and range in age from 27 to 36, have been indicted on various charges, including kidnapping as part of an organized gang, extortion with a weapon, and criminal association.

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