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Pogba empties his bag for France, Juventus

The French team, Juventus, the case ... Pogba empties his bag

The situation with Juventus and the Blues… In an interview that was offered to GQ Italia, Paul Pogba responded to all of the inquiries that were made about him.

After a challenging season marred by injuries and an extracurricular activity that rocked the player, Paul Pogba wants to look ahead to the future. Whether it be his move to Juventus, his place in the France national team, or his connection to the rumors,… The world champion discussed all of the topics, except the one about the affair he was having with his brother. It is easy to understand why they would say this given that the initial revelations had just recently been made public at the time of the interview.

The only probable connection between the two is when the midfielder reveals how important it is to feel supported. Because I began my playing career at such a young age and at such a high level, I’m used to dealing with rumors, what does he think? (…) We know that to keep a healthy balance and keep our attention on our work, we have to live each week with both praise and criticism. I am grateful to every one of his bianconeri supporters for the kind words and encouragement they have shared with me both on social media and in person. It’s hard to believe, to say the least. I pledge to them that I will put in my best effort to go back on the field as soon as possible and that I will do everything I can to assist the team in achieving the triumphs that they so well deserve.

His return to Juve, a choice of the heart

Additionally, the 29-year-old player discussed the status that he hopes to achieve while playing for Juventus. “I like to think that my heart chose for me, and I like to express that.” It is possible that now is a good moment to return to this location. It’s no secret that the past three years in Manchester have not gone as I had hoped, especially given the condition of my injuries there. I believed that it would be a good challenge for both of us if we added the fact that Juventus had also come from two years in which they did not win the Scudetto to the previous statement. And perhaps now is the time for us to band together and make an effort to reclaim the position that is rightfully ours, both for myself and for Juve. And most importantly, to reestablish a connection with the victorious. he opens up to her.

“And deep down inside, I have a feeling that garment is unique; it brings out the best in me.” Even after I had left Juve, I was unable to forget the positive history that we had created with this team. Coming back to this place for me is always a reason to work harder and a motivation to achieve my goals. I never questioned whether or not it was meant to be my role,” he added, before drawing comparisons between himself and many Juve stars. “When I look at myself now, I believe that I have developed into a player similar to Pirlo, Buffon, and Chiellini. It’s time for me to repay Juventus for all they’ve done for me.

Unconditional love for the Blues

In the beginning, Paul Pogba understood that France was a fertile breeding ground for talent. The fact that France allows players who are already 17 or 18 years old to compete for the national team every year is one of the country’s distinguishing characteristics. He feels that there is a tremendous amount of skill. I believe that this is the reason why France has always had the potential to be a very strong team in recent years.

After that, he examined his goals in Blue, making certain that he intended to protect his colors for the longest amount of time feasible. “Even though there is plenty of competition, a strong group with a positive outlook has emerged.” The importance of the function of the coach cannot be overstated in this regard. My true objective is to earn and maintain his trust while contributing to the success of my national team for many more years to come.

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