Savanier and Montpellier crucify Strasbourg in Ligue 1

During the eighth day of the French championship on Saturday, the MHSC was finally able to get rid of Strasbourg by defeating them 2-1 thanks to goals scored by Nordin and Savanier. And this, even though the Alsatians had tied the game in the 86th…

Montpellier – Strasbourg (2-1)
Montpelier: Nordin (17th), Savanier (90th+4)
Strasbourg: Diallo (86th)

till the reveal of the mystery’s conclusion. Continued in the final minutes of regulation time on a goal written by Habib Diallo, the Montpellier players eventually pocketed the three points against Strasbourg (2-1) this Saturday at La Mosson, for the eighth day of Ligue 1 play. Arnaud Nordin opened the scoring for the MHSC in the first period, but a saving penalty for the MHSC in stoppage time, which of course was the work of Teji Savanier, prevented more damage. This is cruel for the Alsatians, who are still searching for their first victory in 2022-23.

Both teams played at a rapid pace and displayed a notable level of energy throughout the first period. After a more aggressive beginning, Montpellier settled into a more realistic game, particularly on the set pieces that Savanier fired. With a powerful header off of a corner kick, Nordin was able to get the game’s first score by taking the ball over the center of his captain (1-0, 17th). Before the break, Bis repeated himself a little bit. Savanier took a new free kick, and the first scorer diverted the ball with his head as it was heading toward the far post, where Nicolas Cozza was lurking to push it to the bottom of the net. However, this second accomplishment was ultimately nullified by the VAR due to the player being in an offside position (44th). Strasbourg had some promising chances, but the team struggled to capitalize on them within the appropriate phases of the game, as evidenced by this miss from Diallo (in the 43rd minute) and attempts from Aholou (22nd, 32nd). This first act contained a significant number of infractions, as evidenced by the fact that Mr. Jeremy Stinat had to hand out no fewer than four yellow cards.

La Mosson falls into madness

During the second act, the 22 performers showed much less hostility toward one another. In the offensive, Montpellier was always practical, and they came very near to breaking the game twice. First with Nordin, who came dangerously close to scoring on Wahi’s cross (minute 54), then with Khazri, who anticipated regaining possession of the ball on Wahi’s low serve, but Sels anticipated him well. First with Nordin, who came dangerously close to scoring on Wahi’s cross (minute 54). ( 61st). While Strasbourg believed it had completed the most difficult part of the match by equalizing in the wake of Diallo after a poorly cleared corner by the MHSC (1-1, 86th), Téji Savanier came to transform into force a penalty caused by Valère Germain – came into play a few minutes before – at the very last second of added time (2-1, 90th + 4). Not stolen even though claimed Germain had a significant opportunity soon before…

As a result of this victory, Montpellier moves up one spot in the standings, taking them to the sixth spot for the time being. A bad deal for Strasbourg, which now shares the same total number of points as Brest (18th) and Anger and remains in 17th place, the first position in the red zone, which is synonymous with relegation (19th).

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