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Since Ferrero’s departure, is Sampdoria headed towards Qatar?

Serie A: on sale since the departure of Ferrero, Sampdoria soon under the Qatari flag?

A member of the royal family of Qatar who already owns Paris Saint-Germain and purchased it in 2011 has the financial means to purchase Sampdoria.

According to reports from the Italian news agency ANSA, a member of the royal family of Qatar named Khalid Faleh al-Thani has expressed interest in purchasing the Italian football club Sampdoria, which is now in last place in Serie A. An email that was supplied to ANSA by a Swiss mediator confirmed the letter that was signed by Khalid Faleh al-Thani and in which he describes his objective.

Since the former footballer Ivano Bonetti and the businessman Francesco Di Silvio have joined the takeover effort with al-Thani, the Qatari may now count on significant support in his negotiations with the Italian club.

“I can state that I have a great interest in purchasing Sampdoria, an interest that originates from the many stories that Francesco Di Silvio, Imad, and Medhi have to tell. They introduced me to a stunning city like Genoa, a great Sampdoria jersey, and they filled me up on the club’s illustrious past, all of which were incredible experiences. After falling in love with both the city and the club, I decided to purchase it. In his letter that was translated by Di Silvio, Al Thani wrote in Arabic that “we have sent a proposal and we are ready to move to finalize the transaction as soon as feasible.” This was included in the letter that Di Silvio translated.

Massimo Ferrero, the president of the Genoese club, resigned at the end of the previous season in the wake of allegations of fraud. As a result, Gianluca Vidal assumed administrative responsibilities for Doria. Even if the Qatari rumor turns out to be true and the latter entity confirms it, al-Thani will still have to compete with several other Italian buyers who are interested in purchasing the squad.

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