The Court of Appeal rules on Diallo v. Kheira Hamraoui.

On Friday, the investigating chamber of the Versailles Court of Appeal will decide on the placement of football player Aminata Diallo under judicial supervision. Diallo was indicted for “aggravated violence” in the case of the assault on her former teammate from PSG. Kheira Hamraoui.

An AFP journalist reported that Aminata Diallo came to the Versailles Court of Appeal on Friday morning accompanied by her legal representatives. Diallo has been without a club since the conclusion of her contract with Paris Saint-Germain earlier this summer.

Following his indictment, the French international, who is now 27 years old, was held in custody for a total of five days until being released from custody on September 21.

However, since the prosecutor’s office in Versailles, which had first requested that he be placed in pre-trial prison, appealed this judgment, it is now up to the investigating chamber to decide whether or not he should remain in custody.

The hearing, which started at nine in the morning, is being held in private, and the doors were locked as it started.

Aminata Diallo was required to post a bond of 30,000 euros before she could be released from custody.

Her judicial evaluation stipulates that she is required to live with her father in Grenoble, the city in which she was born, has a weekly check-in, and is prohibited from having contact with PSG club members and players.

Aminata Diallo, who is being prosecuted for severe violence and criminal association, denies having any role in this crime. It is believed that Aminata Diallo was the sponsor of the attack that Kheira Hamraoui carried out in November 2021 at Chatou (Yvelines).

In addition to Aminata Diallo, five other males who are accused of taking part in the assault on Kheira Hamraoui have been indicted on charges of aggravated violence and criminal association.

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According to the parquet floor in Versailles, four of them named Aminata Diallo as “the sponsor of the violence, to allow him to assume the position of the victim during future competitions.” This was done so that he could play the role of the victim in future competitions.

One of these four individuals admitted to kicking, and the other three indicated that they were present when the attack occurred.

Kheira Hamraoui was attacked with iron bars and beaten in the legs by two guys on November 4, 2021, while she and Aminata Diallo were driving home together following a team supper. The attack occurred in front of Aminata Diallo, who was a teammate of both players.

Aminata Diallo was taken into custody by the police for the first time in the aftermath of the attack. However, she was not charged with any crime and was afterward freed.

His old organization, Paris Saint-Germain, is involved in this dispute as a civil party.

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