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Thierry Henry complains that video review “kills the fun of the game”

Foot: VAR "kills the joy of the game", laments Thierry Henry

The use of VAR (Video Assisted Refereeing) at football matches, according to Thierry Henry, a former international player for France, would take too much time, would only raise controversy, and would “destroy the fun of the game.” “. Thierry Henry was asked during the “Leaders Week sports business,” which takes place from September 26 to 29 in London and brings together more than 3,000 of the most senior leaders of the world’s sports industry, to clarify that he had nothing against technology in general, but that he was upset about the loss of time during the viewings, in comparison to other sports.

In addition, the 45-year-old believes that the use of VAR increases the number of disputes that surround refereeing decisions rather than a decrease. “He lamented the fact that in football we were never ahead of the game and that we still had a lot to learn. What strikes me about sports like American football, rugby, cricket, and tennis is how quickly choices are made. [citation needed] “.

Today, Henry is a television consultant and assistant coach for the Belgian national team. He wanted to be more specific about his criticism of the video assistant referee system, saying, “What frustrates me with VAR is that it isn’t fast enough.” Since the VAR is not the one who makes the call, the outcome of the situation is always determined by someone in a vehicle or some other location. The only thing the VAR does is remind us of the situation “. According to a legendary Arsenal scorer, the use of the video assistant referee eliminates the possibility of any unplanned celebration following the scoring of a goal since “after scoring, you don’t even know if you should jump for joy.” Am I jumping? Am I partying? Am I not partying? He bemoaned the fact that it ruined the fun of the game.

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