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Thomas Tuchel devastated by Chelsea sacking

'I'm devastated': Thomas Tuchel not recovering from dismissal from Chelsea

Thomas Tuchel broke his quiet less than a week after Chelsea’s defeat in the Champions League, which led to his resignation as manager of the club. He was thanked for his comments by the administration in London.

Thomas Tuchel was the first person taken aback by this decision as unexpected as it was sudden. He was let go from his position as manager of Chelsea by the club’s management just a few hours after Dinamo Zagreb defeated the British team in Croatia by a score of 1-0. The German’s record at Chelsea is still positive, with 62 wins out of 99 games played since his arrival at Stamford Bridge in January 2021, sometime after he departs from Paris Saint-Germain.

The German manager wrote on his social networks, “This is one of the hardest statements I’ve ever had to write – and it’s a statement I hoped I wouldn’t have to make for many years. I am devastated by the end of my time at Chelsea. It is a club where I felt at home, both professionally and personally. Thank you so much to all of the staff, players, and supporters for making me feel welcome from the start.”

Kimpembe’s statements to the referee during the match between PSG and Brest may be read here: “Wesh, don’t touch me, brother.”

“the pride and joy I felt helping the team win the Champions League and the Club World Cup will forever be etched in my memory. I am honored to have been a part of this club’s history and the memories of the past 19 months will always hold a special place in my heart. “, concluded Tuchel, who now finds himself without a bench after winning the Champions League with the Blues in 2021. The departure seems to touch Tuchel: “the pride and joy I felt helping the team win the Champions League and the

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