Van van Poel’s night in Australia ends well

After pushing two young girls at the hotel on Saturday night, the Dutchman entered a guilty plea and admitted his actions. It will be possible for him to return home.

On Monday, Mathieu Van der Poel will be free to return to his home in the Netherlands. The Dutchman who had his amusing misadventure the day after it occurred went before a criminal court on Monday. He had been arrested the day before the world championships on Sunday. After entering a guilty plea to the charge of assault, OURVan der Poel was reportedly sentenced to pay a fine of AU$1,500. The day before, he was accused of having shoved two young women who were making noise in the hallways of the hotel where he was staying with the Dutch team. The women were causing a disturbance in the hotel. According to the reports, the arm of one of them was wounded.

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Following the events that transpired, his passport was taken into custody, but it has since been returned to him. As a result, “MVDP” will be free to return to Europe, most likely beginning on Monday, to put an end to its disappointing performance at the Worlds. Sunday, during the road race won by Remco Evenepoel, the Dutchman had given up at the start of the race, having been mentally and physically worn down by the events that occurred the night before.

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