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Why the Blues’ future looks bright: heart, revelations, reinforcements

Basketball: Heart, revelations, reinforcements ... Why the future looks promising for the Blues

DECRYPTION Despite the devastation brought on by the loss to Spain on Sunday, there are several reasons to have a positive outlook on the future.

“It’s painful.” After a clear and flawless loss in the final versus Spain (88-76), the Blues are finding it difficult to swallow the bitter pill, as Gershon Yabusele points out. The Blues had hoped to win the gold medal, but they ended up leaving Berlin with the silver instead. A podium finishes for the third time in a row, following a bronze medal performance in the 2019 World Cup and a silver medal performance at the 2018 Tokyo Olympics. On the other hand, Evan Fournier was not in the mood to celebrate this remarkable consistency at the top level on Monday in Paris any more than he had been immediately after the game on Sunday evening. “It is not easy. The previous year, we received a silver medal, which we were appreciative of; nevertheless, this year, it has a somewhat different taste “After a match for the France team, I have rarely been as disappointed with the results,” blows Vincent Collet.

With the 2023 World Cup and the 2024 Olympics in Paris both in sight, “primary aim,” as DTN Alain Contensoux reminds us, there are several reasons to be optimistic about the future of the Habs. In addition, President Ciutat states to himself…

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