World Cup: the FFF “does not close its eyes” to “Qatar bashing.”

In terms of social rights, the FFF will send a delegation to Doha “to verify that the specifications offered are respected.”

“It’s not even a full coat of paint!” The very least that can be said about Noel Le Grat is that he lacked political correctness. In an interview that was broadcast on France 2 on Thursday evening as part of the Complément d’Enquête program, the president of the FFF seemed to minimize the scandalous living conditions of migrant workers in Qatar with these words. In particular, he seemed to minimize the conditions of those who worked and still work at the base camp of the Blues at the World Cup (November 20-December 18), whether it be at the Al Messila hotel, where they will stay, or at the Jassim Bin Hamad

The “Fédé” pulls out the fire hose by remembering, this Friday evening, that the stated President Le Grat acted “the setting up of a mission to control the base camp of the French team in Qatar” last August. The goal was to control the base camp of the French squad in Qatar. The delegation, which will travel to the gas emirate, will be composed of Philippe Diallo, who will serve as Vice President, Florence Hardouin, who will serve as General Manager, and Erwan le Prevost, who will serve as Director of Institutional and International Relations. The delegation will have “the purpose of verifying that the hotel of the French team and its service providers respect their commitments to respect the social rights of employees who will intervene on the base camp during the competition (payment of salary, overtime, These agents will also remain in Doha for the necessary amount of time to make certain that the presented standards are adhered to.


Within the limits of its competences, and the possible scope of its interventions, the FFF exercises and will continue to exercise its duty of vigilance concerning the respect of social and human rights within the framework of this World Cup.

FFF press release

“The status of employees on World Cup sites is not sufficient by European standards. However, the adjustments that have been witnessed over the past three years are moving in the right way, as the President of the Republic recalled during his visit to Qatar in December 2021. We further clarify in a press statement that “not giving in to Qatar’s bashing and participating in this tournament does not entail approving or turning a blind eye” to the situation in Qatar. And to continue: “Within the limitations of its competencies, and within the potential scope of its interventions, the FFF exercises and will continue to exercise its duty of vigilance respecting the respect of social and human rights within the framework of this World Cup.”

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Let us remind ourselves that one of the federations that advocate for the establishment of “a welcome center and a worker’s compensation fund” is known as the “3F.” In a recent statement, Fifa’s deputy general secretary, Alasdair Bell, expressed the organization’s support for the project that is currently being discussed. “We are involved in the sporting goods industry. This in no way indicates that we have lost touch with the outside world. Didier Deschamps, the coach of the French national soccer team, stated on Friday, during a trip to Nice, that “through our federation, we must be vigilant about everything that happens,” while Amélie Oudéa-Castéra, the Minister of Sports, declared herself “shocked” by the words “Aboveground” written by Noel Le Grat.

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