A dial with braiding that is signed by Poiray

The Ma Première watch collection from the brand is celebrating 35 years of elegance with the release of a new collection that features a dial with a braided pattern.

It is an extremely understated watchmaking icon that, for a little more than a third of a century now, has been seen gliding around the storied Place Vendôme on the wrists of refined ladies. A classic (just) and elegant (always) watch with straps that can be switched out in an instant to create a completely different look is accompanied by an engraving of a classic Parisian fashion design.

Francois Hérail and Michel Ermelin, two of the most creative designers of their time, established their own jewelry business in the bustling center of the worldwide luxury industry in the year 1975. She will be known as Poiray, which is both a subtle and overt tribute to Paul Poiret, the legendary French couturier who worked before the war and was known as the liberator of femininity as well as the gravedigger of the corset. Paul Poiret was also a talented perfumer.

One of the people who helped pioneer the Art Deco style was likely the person who was responsible for dressing all of Paris for several years. During the middle of the 1980s, the watchmaker Poiray, also known as the “beautiful young girl from Place Vendôme,” debuted her very first timepiece, which was a work of art that was decidedly Art Deco in design…

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