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A groundbreaking innovation in adaptability is Doucal’s.

Doucal's, a revolution in flexibility

The Italian shoemaker can soften the moccasin to the point that it may be folded because of the Sacchetto manufacturing process that he uses.

The common belief is that the rigidity of a shoe sole is what distinguishes it from other parts of the shoe. The Giannini brothers, Gianni and Jerry, were resistant to complying. Therefore, the sons of Mario Giannini, the inventor of Doucal’s, envisioned moccasins that were so flexible that they could be easily bent between the thumb and the index finger, similar to how a wallet is folded.

What is the key? It is concealed beneath the upper part of the shoe, more specifically within a highly particular construction method known as Sacchetto that was devised by an Italian shoemaker. The bag, to use its literal translation. The process is difficult since it requires stitching the upper and its liner straight to the sole. According to Gianni Giannini, “the liner is attached like a bag along its edge, which permits a shoe to be created without the use of hard components.” This is something that was said by Gianni Giannini. Even athletic footwear is being asked to dress up: when worn, Doucal’s moccasins reveal a surprising smoothness, providing an unexpected fit and comfort for a shoe of this sort…

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