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Berluti’s colour patinas can be seen in a variety of sports.

From one sport to another, Berluti's color patinas

Playoff is the name of the fresh new flexible and rising model that is part of the company’s expansion of its sports offering.

There are sneakers everywhere; therefore, there is an even more incentive to stand out. Always one step ahead of the curve, Berluti has introduced a new model for its sports collection that is both flexible and high and is dubbed Playoff. The name is a conscious nod to the world of basketball. The allusions, which include a padded tongue, perforations, an anatomical sole, and a technological mesh lining, are gradually becoming obvious to more and more followers of this sport, which blends the strict rules of competition with the laid-back attitudes of street cultures.

Even while the design is reminiscent of popular pieces of technology from the 1980s, the level of comfort that can be attained is in fact on par with what is expected in the 2020s. Berluti uses all the treasures of its shoemaking art to attain this effect. This art does not simply apply to basic lace-up shoes or moccasins; rather, it relies on a virtuoso’s ability to deal with natural materials.

“The assembly of the eighty Venezia leather inserts on the upper, which is the result of great craftsmanship…

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