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Chinos in a variety of colours, both here and elsewhere

Colored chinos, here and elsewhere
THE CHRONICLE OF JULIEN SCAVINI – The art of wearing bright attire is more prevalent in the United States of America, a place where people do not fear becoming envious of one another.

Chinos are loose-fitting pants often made of beige cotton and were popularised in the United States during the interwar period. At the same time, wealthy Americans who frequented the seashore, notably in Florida, gave pride of place to more exotic types of cotton. These types of cotton included seersucker, madras, and other fabrics with basic colors such as old pink or canary yellow.

What was once merely a trend for the summer months became a craze in the 1950s on the East Coast, where students from the most prestigious universities adopted it. In the past, elderly men like John F. Kennedy were the ones who found enjoyment in it.

Therefore, by the 1960s, the grey suit and dark brogues might “go to hell,” the hue was alleged to be “go to hell,” and these flamboyant pants were given the label “go to hell pants.” In addition to having vibrant colors, they may also be personalized by having little embroidered designs such as lobsters, sailboats, lighthouses, or tennis rackets added to them. And those who felt that these pants were not for them had the option to “go…

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