Chris Hemsworth, a celebrity known for his fragrances

The Australian actor has been an ambassador for Hugo Boss perfumes for the past six years, and on the occasion of the launch of the new Boss Bottled Parfum, he discussed his delicate connection to the world of odors.

A hidden garden is also available to superheroes. That of Chris Hemsworth is fragrant to a very high degree. A singularity that was orchestrated by Annick Ménardo and Suzy Le Helley, the new interpretation of the Boss Bottled perfume was unveiled by the Australian star, Thorin from the Marvel saga, who immediately found the words to qualify this fragrance: “It’s different because it has a tangy side, with notes of mandarin combined with woody notes that make it a unique and fresh fragrance.”

The two noses have pushed the cursors while taking into account the spirit of the times to continue the olfactory adventure of the perfume Boss Bottled, which was launched in 1998 with an eau de toilette that has become a classic. This was done to continue the scent’s journey. The end product is a scent that is considered to have a masculine quality: the top notes are purposefully strong, due to oils of sour mandarin and spicy incense, and the middle notes consist of iris concrete coupled to accords from fig tree root. The key to power is striking a balance, and the combination of the essence of cedar wood and…

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