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Clothing: a pioneering movement’s banner

Clothing, the banner of pioneers
Toni Frissell took this portrait of Frida Kahlo for the United States edition of Vogue magazine in 1937. © Toni Frissell, Vogue © Condé Nast

There will be exhibitions of Frida Kahlo in the Palais Galliera, Marilyn Monroe at the Mostra, and Brigitte Bardot on television shortly… In addition to this, “strong women” such as George Sand and Joséphine Baker have turned their style into a credo.

Lea Salame termed “strong ladies,” “rebel girls,” “the Luxembourg Museum,” and “pioneers,” as well as podcasts, commemorate the exceptional destinies of these women. Frida Kahlo, whose work is currently being displayed at the Palais Galliera, and Marilyn Monroe in Blonde Hair, an adaptation of Joyce Carol Oates’ book that made its world premiere on September 8 at the Venice Film Festival, have both been crowned queens of the news in this new academic year. There is also discussion of the biographical miniseries that will be devoted to Brigitte Bardot in the September issues of the magazines, even though France 2 has not yet disclosed the date when the series would be broadcast. There are so many ladies conversing… with other women. because they are the primary consumers of culture in today’s society.

One of the things that bind these trailblazers together, in addition to their independent nature and enormous talent, is their connection to clothing. Some believe that taking an interest in another person’s bathroom equates to peering through the eyepiece of an extremely small telescope “It is considered impolite to discuss the intersection of fashion and art; yet, in the example of Frida Kahlo…

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