Couturier Kevin Germanier is both stylish and environmentally conscious.

Kevin Germanier. Photographed by PASCAL LE SEGRETAIN for Getty Images via AFP

PORTRAIT – This down-to-earth designer, who was born in the Swiss canton of Valais and is now 30 years old, captivates the audience at Paris Fashion Week with his magnificent designs constructed from discarded materials. In contrast to the droning words of those advocating for the “green” cause.

Kevin Germanier is Swiss. It comes up in discussion with him often enough for one to take notice of it. “I am Swiss, I grew up in Switzerland, and I always lived in Switzerland until I was 18,” says the young man as he introduces himself while sitting in his little Parisian apartment in the gentrified Sentier neighborhood. “I am Swiss,” he adds. “I grew up in Switzerland.” My narrative fits the definition of “cliché.” I’ve had a lifelong interest in the fashion industry. When I was a kid, I used to put bits of fabric on my younger brother, while my older sister played the role of my human doll. When I was three years old, pictures show me fashioning a princess dress out of a bath towel for my sister. However, I never mentioned to my parents that I wanted to go into the fashion industry because there were no well-known fashion designers in Switzerland at the time. It was more accurate to say that I had aspirations of becoming an architect. Throughout my career, I’ve used the terms product designer and, most recently, fashion designer.

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From the timid young boy from Granges (in Valais), son of a former soldier who later worked in insurance and a mother who worked as a secretary, to the renowned fashion designer behind…

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