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Cruise Ship Will Dock In The Port Of San Juan With 40 Infected With Covid-19

Cruise ship will dock in the port of San Juan with 40 infected with covid-19

A cruise ship of the Royal Caribbean company will dock on Sunday in the port of San Juan with around 40 people, including passengers and crew, infected with covid-19, the local newspaper “El Nuevo Día” reported this Saturday.

Lisdián Acevedo, a spokesperson for the Puerto Rico Department of Health, confirmed to “El Nuevo Día” those infected on the cruise ship, although he did not specify the amount.

According to the newspaper, the Explorer of the Seas cruise ship will arrive at the San Juan port on Sunday after the Governments of Saint Kitts and Nevis and Saint Lucia denied entry due to the number of infected people.

The Government of Puerto Rico cannot deny the entry of the Explorer of the Seas as San Juan is the base port of the vessel.

The cruise set to sail on December 19 with some 3,000 people on board, according to various specialized portals, on a seven-day trip that would take passengers to other islands in the Caribbean.

“We are going to follow the health protocols that the cruise lines signed with the Department of Health. They have already informed us that they have passengers on board that yielded positive results, but I cannot confirm the exact amount yet,” Acevedo explained to “El Nuevo Día. “.

“The passengers with positive results are in isolation, while the contacts were placed under quarantine. According to the protocol, the first people to get off are those who are not infected, and the infected people will be the last to disembark,” he added.

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