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Daniel Lee succeeds Riccardo Tisci as Burberry’s creative director.

Riccardo Tisci leaves Burberry, Daniel Lee replaces him
Daniel Lee Mert & Marcus – Burberry has taken over as creative director at Burberry, succeeding Riccardo Tisci (shown on the left).

On Monday, the Italian fashion designer who has been leading the British business as its creative director since 2018 showed off his most recent collection. Daniel Lee, a former employee at Bottega Veneta, has taken his place.

Speculation over his resignation had been common for a couple of weeks before the publication of an article in a well-informed specialist newspaper called Women’s Wear Daily. During the fashion show that Burberry put on in London for spring-summer 2022-2023, everyone was talking about them on the Monday that it took place. They have been verified as of today: Since 2018, Riccardo Tisci has served as the artistic director of the British house. He has decided to step down from his position.

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His thirteen years at Givenchy, during which he pioneered the “street luxury” approach, are what propelled him to the forefront of the fashion world. However, ever since he was appointed CEO of Burberry, his balance sheet has been divided. Traditionalists have accused him of abandoning the brand’s signature tartan in favor of a monogram that is inspired by the initials of the company’s founder (cardboard in Asia, it is said). The expert in raincoats had been able to successfully expand into new product categories, one of which was bags, thanks to his supervision. “According to comments made by Jonathan Akeroyd, CEO of the Burberry brand, in a news release, Riccardo was instrumental in the reinvention of the company. He broadened the scope of our creative language, provided a contemporary spin to our product lineup, and introduced a new generation of affluent consumers to our brand. I would like to express my gratitude to him for the leadership he has shown.

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Daniel Lee, who served as an official at Bottega Veneta until the year 2021 before unexpectedly resigning from his position, would take over his responsibilities beginning the next week. He will serve as the collection director for the entire brand. This former employee at Celine, where he interacted with Phoebe Philo, gave fresh life to the Italian house of the Kering group and created multiple best-sellers, like the Pouch and Cassette bags. He also rubbed shoulders with Phoebe Philo during his time there.

Lee, who was born in Bradford, England, is widely regarded as one of the most promising young designers working in the British fashion industry today. During London Fashion Week in February 2019, he will present his debut collection for the first time. “According to a statement that he released, he said, “I am thrilled to join Burberry.” Building on the foundation laid by Riccardo, we will create an exciting new chapter in the illustrious history of this house together with the rest of the team. It has always been a source of motivation for me to visit London, therefore I am looking forward to going back there. According to Jonathan Akeroyd, Daniel Lee is an “extraordinary genius” who possesses a unique grasp of the modern luxury customer and who has achieved a significant deal of financial success. The fact that he was nominated demonstrates our goals for Burberry.

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