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Dior, the house of perfume, has taken the plunge.

Perfume: Dior takes the plunge
J’adore, Parfum d’eau strives to be the first premium fragrance that is composed entirely of water-based ingredients. €148 for 100ml. Dior

The most recent formulation of the best-selling product is one that does not contain any alcohol. With the launch of J’adore, the cosmetics industry welcomed an entirely new category—the Eau perfume—into its fold.

Flowers and water both. There is hardly anything more. When you consider the fact that alcohol has been used in the production of fragrances ever since the 14th century and the creation of Eau de la Reine de Mauritanie, the ancestor of Eau de Cologne with its distillate of rosemary, sage, and marjoram, this J’adore-là is like a small laboratory revolution.

Even in modern times, ethanol makes up the majority of fragrances, with a concentration of 80% for just 20% of olfactory concentrate (this percentage falls to between 5% and 15% for an eau de toilette and between 2% and 4% for a Koln). After acting as a solvent, it quickly evaporates after being applied to the skin, allowing the fragrances to spread out over the day thanks to the warmth of the skin.

I love the new generation

Alcohol is the object of all the attention stamped organic (organic wheat and beet alcohols are becoming increasingly popular) or from recycled carbon… even though it is sometimes criticized for its drying or even irritating effect. This is especially true now that large groups are turning to more naturalness.

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