Does fame sell (luxury)?

Charlotte Gainsbourg is recognized as a cultural icon and has collaborated with the Saint Laurent brand for several years. Saint Laurent

INVESTIGATION – This is not a perfume, glasses, or handbag marketing campaign that does not give a celebrity from the world of film, K-pop, or social networks. But how exactly does fame affect the amount of money that is made in this sector of the economy?

It is still considered unethical to remunerate a celebrity for endorsing a luxury brand. Even in modern times, if you ask professionals about the concept of celebrity, the majority of them will only answer in private, which means that they will avoid being cited directly. The industry does not like to discuss large sums of money. The matter is delicate as well as strategic for the brands that are competing behind the scenes to secure a muse contract with the most famous, the most gorgeous, and the most powerful celebrities.

Only within the past couple of years, the extraordinary people

The James Bond Girl Léa Seydoux has lent her features to Louis Vuitton, the queen of the charts, Angèle, promoted Chanel, new star Zendaya, and F1 champion Lewis Hamilton boasted about Valentino, and Blackpink’s K-pop singer, Lisa, those of Celine. Kim Kardashian posed for Balenciaga, Léa Seydoux lent her features to Louis Vuitton, and Zendaya promoted Chanel To support the marketing of a ready-to-wear collection, a new pair of spectacles, an iconic bag, etc., nearly one in two fashion campaigns (whether to support the marketing of a ready-to-wear collection, a new pair of glasses, etc.

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