Emporio Armani, the designer with a nomadic soul

Giorgio Armani wants to take you on a journey, yet he wants you to stay put with his collection for Spring/Summer 2023.

“somewhere to the east,” it said in the note of intent that we read. Giorgio Armani wants to take you on a journey with the Emporio Armani Spring-Summer 2023 collection, but he wants you to stay put “As long as the mind is unrestrained and unconfined, we can travel the length and breadth of the globe without leaving the comfort of a single room. Emporio Armani views travel as an integral part of the brand’s identity. This clothing that is undeniably perfect for the summer is also known as En transit. There is no longer a requirement to demonstrate that the maestro is influenced by eastern tropism. Waves of inky black and midnight blue come to life on the catwalk. Japanese calligraphy may be seen hanging in the backdrop. Unless, of course, it’s only the contour of the stern of a pontoon.

Exotic finds and strict jackets

The show starts with an exceptionally chic cream suit…

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