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Hermès, Loewe, and Kenzo are the labels seen here, moving from left to right. Hermès/Daniele Oberrauch/ DE ROSA/AFP

REPORT: While Loewe investigates the connections between technology and the environment, Hermès and Kenzo investigate the wants and demands that we have daily.

An immaculate inclined plane will serve as the podium. Models emerge one at a time from the highest point. The first individual can be identified by what seems to be a standard black leather coat. On the embossed lambskin, you can see the reliefs of a phone case and other electronic devices if you get up close and personal with it. Simple sneakers that are covered in the grass are worn on the feet. There’s no question about it: on Saturday at the Tennis Club de Paris, we were right at home representing Loewe. Each season, the incredibly skilled Jonathan Anderson, who serves as the brand’s artistic director, takes advantage of the idea of ready-made and pushes the boundaries of clothes by making them into a piece of art. “I was interested in how technology might benefit nature, and vice versa,” he reveals information that is normally encrypted behind the scenes. This is not a complaint about the way things are in the world; rather, it is an experiment in which I test out different approaches to fashion. to assist him in making progress.

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After this brief introduction, the rest of the group investigates the technology as an “accessory,” such as a face mask that brings photos of fish to life…

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