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Ferragamo and Bally at Milan Fashion Week

Milan Fashion Week: Ferragamo and Bally on the way to sexy
Bally (on the left) and Ferragamo (right). Filippo Fior / Alberto Maddaloni

Traditions of the 20th century footwear century, the Florentine house, and the Swiss brand rely on two exceptionally gifted young designers.

Special envoy to Milan

They had not communicated with one another, but it was a happy coincidence that Milan Fashion Week featured, on the same day, the first fashion exhibitions of two young designers on the European scene, at the bedside of two historical shoemakers who were searching for fashion guarantee. Both Maximilian Davis for the Florentine firm Ferragamo and Rhuigi Villasenor for the Swiss brand Bally have, in their unique ways, reawakened the sensuality and even the sexuality of an Italian, summery, and bourgeois wardrobe. Rhuigi Villaseor for Bally and Maximilian Davis for Ferragamo. At the tail end of the 1990s, we (re)think of Tom Ford’s first few hours at Gucci as creative director.

At Davis, the 27-year-old Mancunian spotted at the LVMH 2022 price, the seductive Ferragamo nestles in the fitted, even tight-fitting silhouette of its monochrome suede outfits, in the muslin blouses printed with a gradation of hypnotic colors, and above all, in the transparencies of the dresses stitched with rhinestones revealing the movement of the bodies of these new vestals. Davis was spotted All balanced precariously atop sculpted heels…

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