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Former President John F. Kennedy: Ahead of His Time

John F. Kennedy, President before his time
THE MYSTERIES OF LEGENDARY WATCHES (5/5) – The election of the 35th President of the United States of America, who would also be the youngest to hold the office, was accurately predicted by a classy Omega watch in the year 1960.

Five timepieces that have been through the whirlwind of history, including being owned by queens, dictators, and rock stars, making headlines, and causing a frenzy at auctions. These timepieces have been created by visionary watchmakers or are icons of popular culture.

It was put in writing. It was anticipated that John Fitzgerald Kennedy would win the election. There was no question in the minds of his close companions: he would one day walk on the moon and occupy the Oval Office. The election campaign was going to be in full throttle, and the candidate would emerge victorious in the end. Frank Sinatra was already bragging about his friend’s magic “Jack” when he was performing his singing tricks. The famous author Francis Scott Fitzgerald once said, “Show me a hero, and I’ll write you a tragedy.” Could he have imagined of a greater character for a novel than the youngest of a family of East Coast patricians, who went on to become the youngest president of the United States yet was assassinated when he was still in his prime? The guy who was already referred to by the initials JFK was a familiar face to Senator Grant Stockdale of Florida, who knew him better than anybody else. In any event, he was familiar with him to a sufficient degree…

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