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G-Shock GM-B2100, may digital metal live forever!

G-Shock GM-B2100, long live digital metal!
NEU: The well-known “Casioak” watch from the Japanese manufacturer, which features an octagonal bezel, expands on its previous achievements by attempting the premium 100% metal finish.

The G-Shock GM-B2100 will be available once again this summer in three Premium steel iterations, which is excellent news for anyone who appreciates stylish timepieces that won’t break the bank. There are three different variants that each have a bezel, bracelet, and case made of stainless steel. New all-metal construction that has been highly anticipated by lovers of this model, which was soon given the moniker “Casioak,” which also led to an increase in the price of the model; currently count 549 € to offer you one, as opposed to approximately 200 € for the conventional version. Although it does not amount to enough money to have your wrist amputated during the summer, it is still a substantial number, even if it does represent an investment that is generally most fair.

The G-Shock GM-B2100 is now offered in steel as an option. G-Shock

Shiny Silver (GM-B2100D), Black (GM-B2100BD), and Rose Gold are the three ion-plated hues that are available for this design, which are made entirely of metal (GM-B2100GD). This price rise can also be explained by the watch’s metal finish. To assure the shock resistance of these watches with a metal coating, the same shock-resistant structure that was developed for the characteristic shape of the all-metal GMW-B5000 has been applied to the screwed casing. , as well as the bracelet and the bezel, on these watches. To protect the module from shocks, fine resin-dampening components have been inserted between the stainless steel bezel and the case. Both the bezel and the case have undergone a painstaking process of forging, cutting, and polishing before being joined precisely. This procedure also extends to the front and back of the case, ensuring an extremely high level of precision and adjustment.


The case features a structure with three ribs to spread shocks on the connecting component of the bracelet. The case dimensions have been slightly modified for the occasion, with 49.8 mm 44.4 mm in diameter, and 12.8 mm thick; however, this is not enough to dissuade even the tiniest wrists. The integrated dial and the LCD screen both have distinct faces because of the structure of the device, which consists of two layers. Casio’s Yamagata facility utilizes technology for precision injection molding, which also enables the company to create precise designs and detailed surface finishes. Following the application of a PVD coating, the ring of the dial is given a fine polish. The stainless steel construction of the watch and the metal structure of the dial is brought out by the coating applied to the indexes and the hand, respectively. Because keeping up with the times is obligatory, this GM-B2100 can link to your smartphone using Bluetooth and an application specifically designed for the purpose. Do you already own a “Casioak”? The icing on the cake is this new collection’s ability to be recharged with solar energy to power all of its features, including LED illumination, alarms, and countdowns. But who was it that said it was forbidden to own more than one, beginning with this brand new premium metal variant? The quintessential embodiment of a stylish and cutting-edge timepiece, designed to be worn daily.

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