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Halloween: Can adults dress up?

Halloween: is it reasonable to dress up as an adult?
At a Halloween party on October 30, 2014, singer Katy Perry appeared in a costume depicting Cheetos. AKM-GSI/ABACA

Do you have a sense of melancholy swirling around you? Do you want to fool another person into believing that the daily grind is fun? It appears that in recent years, the French no longer wait until Halloween or Carnival to dress up in costume.

A carriage on the metro, the evening of October 31. A nurse from the series, an alien, a member of the band Kiss, and someone who resembles Dracula but isn’t quite him all sit across from one another in a “four-seater” square. Ratched. A little further on, a young man who has his head shaved has dressed up like Eleven, the main character of Stranger Things, who is played by Millie Bobby Brown. Who is this man who is preparing to embark and is waiting on the platform: Spartacus or your banker? Is it possible that we have found ourselves amid some bizarre dystopia? No, just on Halloween night…

On the other hand, it doesn’t appear that the French are waiting until All Hallows’ Eve or Carnival anymore to dress up in costume. When one turns fifty, they automatically invite their friends to a birthday party themed after the 1970s, but when one is forty, they come up with the brilliant idea of having a 1980s party. A celebration to welcome you to the house? Gatsby, the great, would want you to pay attention to the dress code (even though Fitzgerald’s character has never set foot in a 30m2 apartment in the 11e district of Paris).

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