History of a rumoured fad in The Kooples

On the Grands Boulevards in Paris, a crazed version of the advertising campaign for The Kooples was on show. Le Figaro

The most recent advertising campaign for the French label can be seen exhibited in 4 by 3 format practically anywhere in France over the next few days. Anything enigmatic and provocative… something to get people talking about the brand again.

For the past two weeks, a group of young women and men who are wearing weird black t-shirts that have a large red line drawn across them have been seen playing 4 by 3 in various major cities in France and on various social networking sites. Seven young people, including the Lyon rapper Lala &ce and the African-American model Alton Mason, stand with a sullen pout and their hands stuffed deep into their pockets. They give the impression that they are watching everyone who walks by. The only discernible messages on the shot are the hashtag in English #unauthorizedteeshirt, the translation “unauthorized t-shirt,” and the name of the company that is sponsoring the campaign, which is The Kooples. Other than that, the photo is completely blank.

What in the devil is this red line trying to cover up? Why has this garment been deemed inappropriate enough to be censored? Simply visit a store (or look it up on the brand’s website) to obtain the information you seek. The “real” message of the t-shirt that costs 85 euros and hangs in the storefront is revealed to be another hashtag called #FuckKooples. That is what people are saying. But, for example, the street furniture provided by JCDecaux and the platform…

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