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If dudes poke one other with brooches, it’s not a good sign.

When men prick each other with brooches

But it is through brooches, which are more consensual, that men are rediscovering precious stones and expensive jewelry stores on Place Vendôme. Rappers have democratized the wearing of gold chains, and millennials no longer feel self-conscious about wearing pearl necklaces.

The actor Timothée Chalamet sometimes stings them on the belt or the cuff of his shirt; the star dancer Germain Louvet uses them to close the collar of a jacket when Austin Butler (the Elvis of Baz Luhrmann) places them soberly on the lapel of a tuxedo. His brooches are all made out of diamonds.

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Austin Butler sported a Cartier Heritage pin while attending the Met Gala in 2016. PDS

There have been so many recent examples seen on red carpets that demonstrate that expensive jewelry accessories do not when one stops to think about it, have anything that is overly polished or very feminine. Even when they are all diamond scrolls like the Boucheron brooch that actor Romain Duris decided to wear to the most recent edition of the Cannes Film Festival. A piece that was influenced by the aigrettes worn by the Maharajah of Patiala and his order from 1928, the largest of its kind to date, was displayed on the Place Vendôme. It featured diamond collars, necklaces with rows of fine pearls and emerald pendants, belts covered with precious stones, and more.

The Boucheron brooch was worn by Romain Duris during the most recent edition of the Cannes Film Festival. Jacques BENAROCH/SIPA

Evidence that people have always been interested in very huge stones

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