Infections Begin to Fall in New York After the Omicron Explosion

Covid-19 cases appear to have started to decline in New York and other parts of the United States that were among the first to be hit by the omicron variant, in a sign that the new wave of the virus may have already peaked in the United States. those places.

According to data released, the state of New York registered just over 22,000 positive tests the previous day, far from the more than 90,000 cases that were reached on January 8 and continuing the downward line of the last few days.

The positive rate also continues to decline and stood at 12.5% ​​on Monday, when a little over a week ago it was above 20%.

In the average of the last seven days, that rate is 15% and 13% in the case of New York City, the first area of ​​​​the state that experienced an explosion of infections with omicron.

The situation is similar in other areas of the US that were soon affected by the variant, located above all in the northeast region of the country, in states such as New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, or Rhode Island, according to the data that have been provided by the authorities in recent days.

“We are winning (omicron),” said the mayor of the Big Apple, Eric Adams, who at a press conference highlighted the significant drop in the number of cases, despite the fact that they continue at levels considered high.

“We are in the descent of the omicron summit, but we still have a lot of work to do to get to the base,” added the city’s health manager, Dave Chokshi.

According to Chokshi, a decline in the number of hospitalizations is also beginning to be seen, with some 5,800 patients admitted last Sunday, compared to 6,500 on January 11.

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